HoxTech Angels membership fees

Please take note of the membership fees and register your interest using the form below. We will get back to you asap.

Many thanks,

The HoxTech team

Regular members – £500 p.a. (credited in total if investments of over £100K p.a)

Founding* members – £250 p.a (credited in total if investments of over £50K p.a)

Lead angels** – Free life membership

All membership categories include; 

Regular bulletins of selected startups – All startups will have been developed through the www.dreamstake.net platform and associated programme, including Dreamstake Academy. All will have been reviewed and met by Dreamstake founders.

Monthly startup investment club – An opportunity to review up to 8 startups in an evening with other qualified investors.

*Open to the first 20 investors to sign up to HoxTech Angels

** Open to selected angels with a previous record of tech investment or to investors in Dreamstake. 

Referral Scheme.

We will offer half the first years membership fee as a bounty for the introduction of new members that sign up.