Are you a top European Tech startup seeking funding?

Key benefits for Tech startup founders:

Presenting your business and innovative technologies to HoxTech Angels provides you with the following benefits:

Raise funds by presenting to the HoxTech Angels, once you have convinced them, they not only provide their cash but often their knowledge, expertise and contacts to make your business succeed.


In order to help you best with raising funds and winning expertise, a 5 step approach will be followed:

  1. The initial validation and preparation for funding will take place on the on-line platform
  2. Kick-Off meeting with Dreamstake Board
  3. Presentation to HOXtech Angels
  4. If positive, agree terms in principle
  5. Conclude transaction

Funding Amount

We target an average range of about £150K to £750K per company, where more funds are required co-investments with partner syndicates will be considered.

Investment Criteria: Tech startups only

Companies must have a compelling market proposition/strong competitive positioning.

Stage: Proof of concept, seed, pre- or early revenues

Business must be capable of achieving high growth (scalable)

Investment size: £50,000 to £750,000

Full-time management team with strong technology track record.

SEIS or EIS: Eligible for private investor tax relief under the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) or Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS).

Realistic trade sale exit opportunity within a 5-7 year horizon.

Location: European based companies.

If your company meets these criteria, please register: