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Right at the heart of London’s booming tech start-up scene lies the unquestionably cool Hoxton Hotel. There can be no better location for serious Tech investors to discover the next Google, Facebook or AirBnB in a comfortable environment, and get in early on the next big thing.

The Hoxton Hotel is sponsoring HoxTech Angels, which is the latest initiative from Dreamstake, the leading tech startup platform, with over 1,000 awesome startups looking for funding.

Every last Monday of the month, The HOX is going to play host to the coolest crowd in the London tech scene. We will be bringing together an eclectic group of established founders, high net worths and emerging geek teams.

Club membership will give the opportunity to watch pitches from up to 8 tech startups every month. Startups will be selected from which is one of the largest tech startup platforms in Europe and the only one to automatically rate the startups using a clever algorithm. Every startup will also be individually vetted by the Dreamstake Board before being put forward to investors.

"With the combination of inspirational talks, academy sessions and networking events, the Dreamstake platform has really helped us take our business from an idea to launch."

− Tina Newport, Co-founder: Sumo Insight

"Through the Dreamstake platform we found new team members, office space, service providers and friends."

− Dr Alexey Andriyanenko, Co-founder: Shopitize

"Dreamstake were very helpful in the early days.They focused on helping us round out our skills and raise funds. Having gaps in your team or model isn't an issue - they roll up their sleeves and help you fix that."

− Jonathan Agnes, CEO: Foodity

"Dreamstake is one of a kind, providing amazing help for startups. Whatever your needs are - from funding to learning and networking - Dreamstake is the ultimate place to go."

− Krisztian Nagy, Founder: Fametune

The startups will have come through Dreamstake Academy, a free startup school and have been pre-selected through monthly Demo Days at Google Campus.

HoxTech Angels is much more than just an opportunity to invest. The comfortable club environment and great location will encourage investors to get to know each other, share tips and form syndicates to invest in the bigger ticket opportunities being presented.

The Dreamstake team will be on hand to facilitate the sessions and to provide advice where its needed.

Most startups will be seeking seed investment between £50K and £750K. Some of them will be eligible for tax breaks under the Government SEIS/EIS schemes.

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Sumo Insight

London has developed one of the most vibrant tech startup scenes in the world. Founders from all over Europe are choosing London to launch their startup. They are attracted by a startup friendly environment that has been strongly supported by Government through tax breaks and a lack of red tape. Investors in tech are offered the most favourable tax regime anywhere in the world. The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) offer investors the ability to minimise their risk especially when investing in a broad diversified portfolio.

HoxTech Angels has unique access to the best pipeline of start-ups in Europe through the association with the rated startup platform This provides a pipeline of over 50 startups per month which are filtered down to 10 for investors to review at exclusive investor evenings at the vibrant Hoxton Hotel.

About HoxTech Angels

HoxTech Angels work with the very best tech startups to help them find investors. We will have built long term relationships with the founders through our on-line tech startup funding platform. We have a deep understanding of the European startup scene and even teach founders and investors at our own free academy.

There is a shortage of experienced tech investors in London. It is our objective to bring the very best together to back individual investments or work together in syndicates. We will give the opportunity to make a real difference by adding strategic value both as Angel investors and/or Non-Executive Directors (NEDs).

The HoxTech Angels team

The Team: from left to right, Paul Dowling, Marina Atarova, Ralph Stenzel